nuova vita

Who We Are

Nuova Vita is a promotional company that deals with promoting health and lifestyle-improving products such as drugs, supplements and medical equipment.
The company was found back in 2012 by a group of people whom their dream was to enter the Iraqi pharmacological market as a powerful competitive company, and set their goals to offer the best brands of drugs and supplements for a suitable price that people in need for those products can afford.
The competition was very hard at the start of the company's work but with the hard work and efforts they have put and the rightfully earned trust by consumers, the company is progressively achieving their goals and have made themselves a name in the Iraqi market.
The company's HQ is situated in Al-Harthiyah district in the Iraqi capital Baghdad; a district so vital concerning medical care services and products that it's considered the beating heart of the health sector in Iraq due to its crowding by class-A doctors of all specialties, top-notch clinics and laboratories and high quality drug markets.


Ambition and continuous hard work is what drives Nuovavita to become a well-known name and a reference in both the local and global pharmaceutical market. An address for trust and quality.

Company Goals

  • Innovating new methods and strategies for marketing, we are convinced that strong partnerships stimulate innovation and facilitate the joint development of new approaches that benefit the market.
  • Creating new opportunities for both big and small drug and healthcare products companies to invest in the Iraqi market which is very fertile.
  • Providing the Iraqi health care market demands with top-rated high quality products.
  • Further spread in the region so we can reach out to more costumers.
  • We continuously strive to develop our businesses such that they assume leading positions in the respective industries and segments.
  • Get a better overview of the customer's needs and demands, fully understanding them and serve a wide range of consumers and customers.

Our points of strength

  • Innovation
  • Partnerships and alliances
  • Customer centricity
  • Quality
  • Wide spread and continuous growth
  • Highly trained employees and personnel
  • Trust and reputation in the region's market
  • What we are specialized in

    • Market researches
    • Marketing plans and strategies
    • Importation
    • Storage
    • Distribution
    • Post-Marketing evaluation